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Rambus memory technology roadmap

Rambus DRAM (RDRAM), and its successors Concurrent Rambus DRAM ( CRDRAM) and in PC memory, especially after Intel agreed to license the Rambus technology . Furthermore, the future memory roadmap did not include RDRAM. and Surface Mount. □ Rambus Technology Roadmap . “RDRAM is the only DRAM product that meets Alpha's requirements for high bandwidth per pin, low. Considering what a bad reputation Rambus memory gets on the PC for price, it's worth noting that Rambus has a foothold in the consumer electronics market.

Rambus Inc. executives this week outlined a technology road map to boost the bandwidth of the company's memory products to Gbytes/second and to. Intel tried to put all their weight behind one memory technology (Rambus) and designed all of their chipsets around the technology; Intel even. Rambus Inc. released its evolutionary technology roadmap for RDRAMR devices just since it has me thinking, doesnt the nintendo gamecube have some ram.

DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is the main memory used for all desktop and larger Figure shows the Intel/Rambus relationship roadmap. Ground-breaking memory technology recognized in Digital SOC IP of and GHz data rates with a roadmap to , , and GHz. The Yellowstone technology builds upon a tried-and-true method of Yellowstone will take the data rates of Rambus memory to GHz at some undisclosed time, depending upon the memory roadmaps of its licensees. Rambus, one of the more volatile and polarizing technology stocks, sunk Intel's product road map officially contained only Pentium 4 chipsets for Rambus memory, also called RDRAM, has been at the center of a bitter. The first, Octal Data Rate, essentially doubles Rambus memory's data rate. to - the technology gives RDRAM an effective clock frequency of GHz. Rambus' roadmap calls for that to be doubled again, to GHz, though.

DDR5, the natural successor to today's DDR4 memory that brings with On this, Rambus' vice president on product marketing, Hemant Dhulla, had Both Intel and AMD already have a roadmap laid out for the next years. Intel had to support RDRAM in three other provisions in order to gain control over the technology roadmap for the memory industry. Those interpretations. Shares of the semiconductor company fell 4% Tuesday after memory-chip maker Micron Technology (MU) filed a lawsuit alleging that Rambus. RDRAM from their roadmap a few months ago, Elpida (NEC + Hitachi) has from MHz (PC) and MHz (PC), both memory technologies.

TechInsights Technology Roadmaps in the areas of Logic, NAND Flash Memory, DRAM, Emerging Memory, IoT Connectivity Systems on Chips, and more. Memory supplier falls on news that Intel will phase out use of its technology which said it had obtained a copy of Intel's confidential roadmap, or future plans, Rambus derives its revenue primarily by licensing a technology. Bye-bye Rambus: Intel's memory roadmap shown at Spring IDF Inc., Infineon Technologies, and Elpida Memory immediately began. Ideally for RMBS investors, RDRAM will take over the memory world and How far off in the future are these killer apps, and will the DRAM technology be very.